How Do You Better Use An Explosion Box?


Are you planning for a unique gift? You’d indeed look for the one which would bring a broad smile to the face of the one receiving it. How about getting your loved ones something different that will grab their attention, surprising them with each passing minute?

If you fancy such a present, grace the excellent news. It’s the new, trending, and raging explosion box. An explosion box is a card in a box. Greeting cards have always been on the top when it’s about an expression of love and commitment. They are lovely because they cater to our lovers, partners, and everyone around us.

The trend of DIYing has spiced up the explosion box, thus, creating endless possibilities to make your day.

This blog features the ideas to decorate your explosion box, so stay tuned, and by the time you have finished reading our blog post, you will have designed an explosion box of your own in your mind.

4 Stunning Ideas to Use Your Explosion Box

1. Anniversary Celebration

There are uncountable options when it comes to decorating an explosion box. For instance, if your anniversary is around the corner and you want something special, you can decorate an explosion box with pictures of when you started dating, images of significant milestones, memorable moments, and much more. Meanwhile, you can adorn it with a handwritten date for each picture to project its importance further.

2. Birthday Surprise

An explosion box makes a fantastic birthday gift. You can decorate the outside of the box with customized messages, handwritten notes, eye-catching wrapping sheets, and ribbons. Imagine your dearest one untying the ribbon, and suddenly the box explodes into layers of love and chocolates, candies, and flowers. This is a not to be missed sight!

3. Explosion Box And Cake

Celebration with cakes has turned more into a ritual. Every celebration is incomplete without a cake-cutting ceremony. The cake is a classic treat still famous and preferred to be presented as a gift. You can make a large cake explosion box. Make a box according to the cake’s dimensions. Another tip to make your package stand out is to construct it with colored paper matching the color of the cake. Embellish the box with numerous love notes and TADA!

4. Proposing to Your Loved One

Suppose you are an enthusiastic lover planning a great dinner date where you would propose to your sweetheart, rush to a craft store, grab the supplies for making an explosion box, and get started. Take mini foil balloons, fill them with helium to stand tall once the box pops, and attach them to the base. On the inside of the walls, stick chocolates of a convenient size. Place the ring box right in the center of the box, hidden in the pack of balloons.

The moment a waiter places the box on the table and your partner lifts the lid, what a spectacular sight it would be! Where the balloons pop straight out of the box and unveil the mini package of happiness.


SO explosion boxes were the gems we were missing while celebrating and expressing gratitude. The best thing about the explosion box is that it is custom-made. You can pour your heart and feelings into making it. Adoring options are unlimited. Add handwritten notes, customizes mini cards, charms, photos, ribbons, balloons, vibrant sheets, and much more to make them presentable. In an explosion box, you can gift cakes, plush toys, jewelry, chocolates, and literally anything under the sun, so gear up, collect your tools, and get started!


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